CEUS is devoted to research and intellectual exchange among faculty and students on political, cultural, and social transformations of contemporary Europe as well as Europe's multiple historical traditions and close connections to North America. The Center encourages the creation of networks across disciplinary and geographic boundaries. It encourages collaboration with other area universities and colleges, and develops partnerships with both European and North American programs in European Studies. The University at Buffalo is well poised to be the home of CEUS, given the international spirit of Buffalo - a city with a rich history of European immigration, and located at the border of Ontario, Canada.



CEUS News and Events  

First Tuesday Monthly Colloquium Series

CEUS sponsors a monthly series of faculty talks about ongoing research related to Europe.  All faculty and graduate students are invited to join the conversation on campus that we have initiated with these events, and to meet others working on issues related to European Studies. 

These events are held at 4 p.m. during the semester on the first Tuesday of each month. Check back here for details on upcoming talks on campus.



Next First Tuesday Talk

May 6, 2014

4 p.m.

Room 545 Park Hall

"Last Features – East German Cinema’s Lost Generation:

Reinhild Steingrover

Associate Professor of German

Chair, Humanities Department

University of Rochester

Steingrover's Web Page

ABSTRACT: This talk introduces the story of the last, and lost generation of East German filmmakers, i.e. those born after 1945, raised in a divided Germany and trained in the increasingly stifling atmosphere of the GDR film studio DEFA. Though they were highly trained directors, they were unable to work on their own projects until they were in their forties. During the turbulent historical period of 1989/90, the studio granted the demand for freer working conditions and funded the independent production group DaDaeR. This unexpected opportunity thrust directors, who had been unable to make films for years suddenly back into production mode. Among the roughly thirty last DEFA productions the few films produced in this new artistic  group are among the most innovative, radical and provocative. Looking at the films of the last generation of directors and understanding their complicated production histories twenty five years after the fall of the wall contradicts many assumptions about film making in the GDR as well as life in an authoritarian system.




Anthropology Dept. and CEUS co-sponsored lecture

April 16, 2014

12:30 p.m.

Room 354 MFAC, Ellicott Complex

"'Gone But Not Forgotten':
Hollywood Film/Making and Irish Identity"

Thomas M. Wilson

Professor and Chair

Dept. of Anthropology

Binghamton University (SUNY)

Wilson's Web Page


ABSTRACT: Hollywood films have long presented various portraits of Irish culture and identity, many of which have also influenced Irish people and their own senses of community, locality and identity. Based on ethnographic research in the West of Ireland, this talk examines how two influential films about the Irish have had a differential impact on two communities and their versions of Irish identity.



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